Cloud Computing
AWS | Azure | GCP | OpenStack

How would you embrace the cloud? By moving to the cloud quicker. You'll require keen methodology and execution capability, in addition to an unmistakable vision of your business objectives. We can assist with every last bit of it. We'll electrify your cloud reception, so you can receive the benefits of development.

Container Management
Kubernetes | Openshift

Containers are everywhere and it has become an industry standard over a time. We are expert in containerizing the existing application and container management solution.

Application Modernization

Monolithic to Microservice

Refactoring the legacy application using cloud, microservice and container orchestration engine to facilitate newer software development framework.

Git | GitOps | Jenkins | Ansible | Docker | Terraform | Prometheus | Grafana | ELK | AWS Devops | Azure Devops

Bridging the gap between developers to operation isn’t just enough to be at the top. What we offer is an holistic Devops approach to bridge the gap between business and underlying technology .

Web Development
Java | Python | JavaScript | Bootstrap | Angular | ReactjS | .NET | SharePoint | Full stack development

Programming is not just about writing piece of code. It’s all about bringing our imagination into reality. Program for better future.

Cybersecurity | Cloud security | Container security | Kubernetes Security

Security comes with great responsibility. Safeguarding the application and Infrastructure components from malicious attacks must be the highest priority. We help you to define security at each layer.

Sql | mysql

Database plays a vital role in IT. For any successful organization maintaining availability, performance and securing the data must be the utmost priority. We help companies to manage at ease.

Data science | AI | ML | Tableau | PowerBI

We are data centric in order to be customer centric. The better way to transform the business is through data analytics.

Robotic Process | Automation

Automation is all about evolution, it comes with practice, lesson learnt from failure and systematic approach towards problem. Most importantly it's a continuous process.

Operating System

Never forget to set the right foundation. Ultimately it’s the O.S which runs the world of technology.