DevopsLet’s try to understand what Devops is ? How Devops can be defined and explained?

March 21, 2021by Grep & Awk0

Let’s try to understand what  Devops is ? How Devops can be defined and explained?


#Devops is to bridge the gap between Developers and Operation team? Or the quickest way to send the codes to cloud? What do you think ? Either way?? Well the definition of Devops may vary from person to person.

Devops 3 way approach

The first way: It is about left to right flow of work from Development to IT operation to customer. The primary objective of this approach is ‘never passing defects to downstream environment’. So we may term it as defect free approach. What if we encounter defect at any stage? The second approach will come into picture.

The necessary practices include continuous build, integration, and deployment, creating environments on demand, limiting work in process, and building safe systems and organizations that are safe to change.

The Second way: This is to enable fast flow of continuous feedback at all stages of value stream. Amplifying it to ensure that we can prevent problems from happening again or enable faster detection and recovery. This practice will significantly improves the quality.

Isn’t it sound like snake and ladder game!?

The necessary practices include “stopping the production line” when our builds and tests fail in the deployment pipeline; constantly elevating the improvement of daily work over daily work; creating fast automated test suites to ensure that code is always in a potentially deployable state; creating shared goals and shared pain between Development and IT

The third way is about continual experimentation and Learning. Which requires taking risks and learning from success and failure, and understanding that repetition and practice is the prerequisite to mastery.

Yes learning is a never ending process. The only way to mastery is experimentation. The Necessary practices include creating a culture of innovation and risk taking.

Ready to take risk or like to be in comfort zone?

Reference: The phoenix project.

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